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Problem 1003. -- A+B for Input-Output Practice (I)

A+B for Input-Output Practice (I)

Time Limit: 1 Sec  Memory Limit: 64 MB
Submit: 4702  Solved: 3188


Your task is to Calculate a + b. Too easy?! Of course! I specially designed the problem for acm beginners. You must have found that some problems have the same titles with this one, yes, all these problems were designed for the same aim


The input will consist of a series of pairs of integers a and b, separated by a space, one pair of integers per line.


For each pair of input integers a and b you should output the sum of a and b in one line, and with one line of output for each line in input.

Sample Input

1 5
10 20

Sample Output



这是一个求两数之和的题目,输入多对用空格分开的两个数a b,输出a+b的和,每一对数据的和占一行。编写代码时需要注意的是,由于没有指出有多少对输入数据,因此我们可以编写如下代码:


#include <stdio.h>
int main() //把main函数定义成int类型
int a,b;
while(scanf("%d %d",&a, &b) != EOF) // 输入结束时,scanf函数返回值为EOF,即没有数据输入时则退出while循环
return 0; //返回值为0


#include <iostream> //注意头文件的使用方法
using namespace std;
int main()
int a,b;
while(cin >> a >> b)
cout << a+b << endl;
return 0;




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