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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
877598JF20172300711849*Accepted-256643964 kb0 msC++152 B2017-10-21 11:17:33
877597JF20172301191844*Accepted-14186960 kb0 msC191 B2017-10-21 11:13:32
877596wl172119561904Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC++591 B2017-10-21 11:12:49
877595JF20172301191843Accepted960 kb0 msC95 B2017-10-21 11:10:33
877594JF20172301191843Wrong Answer960 kb0 msC93 B2017-10-21 11:10:14
877593JF20172301191843Wrong Answer960 kb0 msC++93 B2017-10-21 11:10:01
877592JF20172301191842Accepted960 kb0 msC88 B2017-10-21 11:08:23
877591wl172119561904Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC++591 B2017-10-21 11:08:18
877590JF20172301191505Compile Error0 kb0 msC245 B2017-10-21 11:06:14
877589JF20172301191505Compile Error0 kb0 msC245 B2017-10-21 11:05:57
877588wl172119561904Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC++589 B2017-10-21 11:05:06
877587wl172119561904Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC++589 B2017-10-21 11:02:48
877584rj20172118483281Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC794 B2017-10-21 10:37:02
877583rj20172118483281Compile Error0 kb0 msC793 B2017-10-21 10:36:37
877582rj20172118483281Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC732 B2017-10-21 10:35:00
877581rj20172118483281Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC732 B2017-10-21 10:29:39
877580wl172119561523Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC++191 B2017-10-21 10:13:03
877578wl172119913628*Accepted-394711964 kb0 msC259 B2017-10-21 10:08:41
877577wl172119561517Accepted964 kb0 msC++269 B2017-10-21 10:05:07
877571wl172119913609*Accepted-359515964 kb0 msC215 B2017-10-21 09:44:53
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