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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
10344892018311007Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC++321 B2018-04-09 11:57:56
10344882018311007Output Limit Exceed1092 kb176 msC++348 B2018-04-09 11:57:46
10344872018351007Runtime Error1088 kb0 msC++226 B2018-04-09 11:57:35
10344842018311007Output Limit Exceed1092 kb172 msC++348 B2018-04-09 11:54:00
10344832018311007Output Limit Exceed1092 kb176 msC++348 B2018-04-09 11:53:57
10344822018351007Runtime Error1088 kb0 msC++248 B2018-04-09 11:52:01
10344612018341007Accepted1092 kb0 msC240 B2018-04-09 10:40:23
10344602018331007*Accepted-2490201092 kb0 msC++217 B2018-04-09 10:37:47
10323052018231007Presentation Error1092 kb0 msC472 B2018-04-03 16:12:12
10322992018221007Presentation Error1092 kb0 msC466 B2018-04-03 16:06:58
10322972018211007Compile Error0 kb0 msC447 B2018-04-03 15:59:01
10322902018201007Accepted1092 kb0 msC848 B2018-04-03 15:13:32
10322892018231007Presentation Error1092 kb0 msC472 B2018-04-03 15:02:11
10292152018081007Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC322 B2018-03-23 11:29:36
10292102018011007Compile Error0 kb0 msC115 B2018-03-23 11:28:13
10292092018071007Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC449 B2018-03-23 11:27:45
10292082018071007Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC453 B2018-03-23 11:27:21
10292072018081007Compile Error0 kb0 msC361 B2018-03-23 11:27:02
10292052018071007Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC453 B2018-03-23 11:26:24
10292042018081007Compile Error0 kb0 msC362 B2018-03-23 11:26:17
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