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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
1058243vjudge11011Runtime Error1088 kb52 msC385 B2018-07-17 10:11:50
1058241vjudge41011Runtime Error1088 kb92 msC386 B2018-07-17 10:10:14
1058239vjudge41011Runtime Error1088 kb104 msC386 B2018-07-17 10:09:15
1058235vjudge41011Runtime Error1088 kb92 msC388 B2018-07-17 10:01:50
1058197vjudge31011Accepted1092 kb0 msC326 B2018-07-17 08:48:37
1058069vjudge21011Accepted1712 kb0 msC++458 B2018-07-16 15:55:41
1058020vjudge11011Accepted1092 kb0 msC196 B2018-07-16 15:02:08
1058019vjudge11011Compile Error0 kb0 msC237 B2018-07-16 15:01:43
1058018vjudge31011Compile Error0 kb0 msC260 B2018-07-16 15:01:08
1058016vjudge51011*Accepted-3841841092 kb0 msC234 B2018-07-16 14:58:12
1057953vjudge11011*Accepted-2494671092 kb0 msC266 B2018-07-16 11:36:12
1057942vjudge51011Runtime Error1088 kb68 msC416 B2018-07-16 11:21:44
1057881vjudge41011Runtime Error1088 kb96 msC++418 B2018-07-16 10:36:10
1057871vjudge41011Runtime Error1088 kb120 msC++430 B2018-07-16 10:31:40
1057858vjudge51011Runtime Error1088 kb128 msC++347 B2018-07-16 10:26:03
1057852vjudge21011Accepted1712 kb0 msC++340 B2018-07-16 10:20:50
1057845vjudge11011Runtime Error1708 kb72 msC++401 B2018-07-16 10:17:24
1057839vjudge21011Runtime Error1708 kb96 msC++381 B2018-07-16 10:15:47
1057820vjudge21011*Accepted-3834571092 kb0 msC193 B2018-07-16 10:01:11
1057816vjudge21011*Accepted-3834571092 kb0 msC205 B2018-07-16 09:55:47
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