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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
1058894157626909591014*Accepted-6590431092 kb0 msC887 B2018-07-27 16:59:44
1033121rj20172118361014*Accepted-6590431092 kb0 msC947 B2018-04-04 12:19:45
1032066jk172117481014Compile Error0 kb0 msC++1785 B2018-04-03 07:32:11
10219973460011161014Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC1215 B2018-01-29 10:38:47
10219963460011161014Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC1213 B2018-01-29 10:37:54
10219953460011161014Output Limit Exceed--**%1148 kb32 msC++1151 B2018-01-29 10:34:32
10219913460011161014Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC1201 B2018-01-29 10:16:44
1021928Point1014Accepted1712 kb0 msC++920 B2018-01-28 19:01:42
1021926Point1014Wrong Answer1712 kb0 msC++942 B2018-01-28 18:53:40
1021925Point1014Wrong Answer1712 kb0 msC++943 B2018-01-28 18:47:26
1021924Point1014Wrong Answer1712 kb0 msC++939 B2018-01-28 18:47:02
1021923Point1014Output Limit Exceed1712 kb8 msC++939 B2018-01-28 18:45:13
898491kxiang1014*Accepted-659043964 kb0 msC947 B2017-11-03 21:25:27
894100jk161711131014Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC++1332 B2017-11-01 18:51:15
880865sz162291014Wrong Answer1512 kb0 msC++1520 B2017-10-23 22:35:07
880863sz162291014Compile Error0 kb0 msC++1522 B2017-10-23 22:34:34
880793sz162291014Accepted1500 kb0 msC++1087 B2017-10-23 22:07:03
880791sz162291014Wrong Answer--**%1512 kb0 msC++1879 B2017-10-23 22:06:03
880783sz162291014Wrong Answer--**%964 kb0 msC++1165 B2017-10-23 22:03:17
880652sz162291014Wrong Answer--**%1512 kb0 msC++1893 B2017-10-23 21:04:16
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