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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
1318749wzda1014Accepted1772 kb0 msC++1186 B2019-01-29 11:48:23
1318748wzda1014Presentation Error1772 kb0 msC++1173 B2019-01-29 11:47:53
1318747wzda1014Wrong Answer1772 kb0 msC++1076 B2019-01-29 11:42:47
1318559five1014*Accepted-13184701712 kb0 msC++736 B2019-01-24 16:27:10
1318558five1014*Accepted-13184701712 kb0 msC++736 B2019-01-24 16:26:52
1318557five1014*Accepted-13184701712 kb0 msC++736 B2019-01-24 16:26:33
1318556five1014Wrong Answer1712 kb0 msC++735 B2019-01-24 16:25:16
1318555five1014Wrong Answer1712 kb0 msC++735 B2019-01-24 16:24:41
1318470five1014Accepted1712 kb0 msC++736 B2019-01-23 17:52:21
1318469five1014Wrong Answer1712 kb0 msC++735 B2019-01-23 17:50:21
1318468five1014Wrong Answer1712 kb0 msC++731 B2019-01-23 17:48:50
1318467five1014Compile Error0 kb0 msC++729 B2019-01-23 17:47:48
1318465five1014Wrong Answer1160 kb0 msC++1300 B2019-01-23 17:41:35
1318463five1014Wrong Answer1160 kb0 msC++1268 B2019-01-23 17:39:55
1318462five1014Compile Error0 kb0 msC++788 B2019-01-23 17:39:23
1318459five1014Wrong Answer1160 kb0 msC++1275 B2019-01-23 17:35:48
1318458five1014Wrong Answer1160 kb0 msC++1255 B2019-01-23 17:33:43
1318456five1014Output Limit Exceed1092 kb32 msC++758 B2019-01-23 17:27:18
1318454five1014Output Limit Exceed1092 kb32 msC++784 B2019-01-23 17:20:23
1318452five1014Accepted1772 kb0 msC++1212 B2019-01-23 17:18:07
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