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2017 ACM 集训队预选排名~      报名入口

Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
898717kxiang1018*Accepted-1331431028 kb0 msC2327 B2017-11-04 06:29:32
845675kanz761018Accepted968 kb0 msC3618 B2017-07-13 19:40:30
810983rj141751201018Accepted1552 kb0 msC++3004 B2017-06-12 09:50:24
750533swdm1605072202081018Compile Error0 kb0 msC319 B2017-03-30 16:54:44
750530swdm1605072202081018Compile Error0 kb0 msC320 B2017-03-30 16:54:00
676572sdwujk1505071401401018Runtime Error968 kb0 msC++3311 B2016-12-18 14:56:40
319849JF138311341018Runtime Error832 kb0 msC342 B2013-12-30 23:25:39
247319xiaoniu1018Accepted1420 kb0 msC++2814 B2013-08-01 09:44:10
247269zhangheng15361018Accepted840 kb0 msC++2040 B2013-07-31 14:46:23
247268zhangheng15361018Wrong Answer840 kb0 msC++2040 B2013-07-31 14:40:24
133292sz111732281018Accepted956 kb0 msC++3069 B2012-05-16 20:02:22
133291jk111711281018Accepted952 kb0 msC++2790 B2012-05-16 20:00:13
133290sz111732281018Wrong Answer956 kb0 msC++3069 B2012-05-16 19:56:43
133283sz111732281018Wrong Answer956 kb0 msC++2969 B2012-05-16 19:47:11
133277sz111732281018Wrong Answer956 kb0 msC++2951 B2012-05-16 19:41:21
133266sz111732281018Wrong Answer1096 kb0 msC++3085 B2012-05-16 19:22:57
133257sz111732281018Wrong Answer1096 kb0 msC++3379 B2012-05-16 19:12:41
133252sz111732281018Wrong Answer888 kb0 msC++3041 B2012-05-16 19:08:17
133227sz111732281018Wrong Answer888 kb0 msC++2821 B2012-05-16 18:17:38
133225sz111732281018Wrong Answer888 kb0 msC++2801 B2012-05-16 18:08:08
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