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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
1023029bagpipe1026Accepted1112 kb4 msC++771 B2018-02-07 17:43:14
1023028bagpipe1026Wrong Answer1112 kb0 msC++712 B2018-02-07 17:38:39
1023027bagpipe1026Wrong Answer1112 kb0 msC++712 B2018-02-07 17:37:04
898746kxiang1026*Accepted-135926996 kb0 msC1564 B2017-11-04 08:47:22
845733kanz761026Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC1180 B2017-07-13 22:15:55
845729kanz761026Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC1177 B2017-07-13 22:10:29
845703kanz761026Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC1178 B2017-07-13 21:57:29
845701kanz761026Wrong Answer--**%964 kb0 msC1177 B2017-07-13 21:56:37
845696kanz761026Wrong Answer960 kb0 msC1018 B2017-07-13 21:50:37
845695kanz761026Wrong Answer--**%964 kb0 msC1011 B2017-07-13 21:43:56
845694kanz761026Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC1013 B2017-07-13 21:39:48
845693kanz761026Wrong Answer--**%964 kb4 msC979 B2017-07-13 21:35:26
825644sdwujkck1605072501281026Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC++241 B2017-06-23 20:15:58
825640sdwujkck1605072501281026Wrong Answer964 kb4 msC++241 B2017-06-23 20:14:24
812955sdwujkck1605072501311026Wrong Answer964 kb8 msC++520 B2017-06-13 17:02:46
812807sdwujkck1605072501311026Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC240 B2017-06-13 16:29:01
812806sdwujkck1605072501311026Wrong Answer964 kb4 msC++241 B2017-06-13 16:28:38
811718sdwujkck1605072501111026Wrong Answer964 kb4 msC241 B2017-06-12 17:11:40
809410sdwujkck1605072501311026Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC++241 B2017-06-11 14:19:48
809409sdwujkck1605072501311026Wrong Answer964 kb4 msC++241 B2017-06-11 14:19:27
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