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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
847838kanz761028Wrong Answer--**%980 kb0 msC++2411 B2017-07-17 12:01:35
847837kanz761028Wrong Answer--**%976 kb0 msC++3271 B2017-07-17 11:55:36
847836kanz761028Runtime Error1500 kb0 msC++1576 B2017-07-17 11:53:23
847834kanz761028Wrong Answer--**%976 kb0 msC++3303 B2017-07-17 11:43:42
847833kanz761028Wrong Answer--**%1504 kb0 msC++1553 B2017-07-17 11:41:19
847832kanz761028Wrong Answer--**%1504 kb0 msC++1690 B2017-07-17 11:40:45
847831kanz761028Time Limit Exceed972 kb3020 msC++3346 B2017-07-17 11:33:34
847828kanz761028Time Limit Exceed972 kb2944 msC++3321 B2017-07-17 11:26:41
847824kanz761028Time Limit Exceed972 kb3032 msC++3042 B2017-07-17 11:20:44
247647xiaoniu1028Wrong Answer1348 kb0 msC++1956 B2013-08-08 19:07:23
247646xiaoniu1028Wrong Answer1372 kb0 msC++3079 B2013-08-08 19:04:43
247645xiaoniu1028Compile Error0 kb0 msC++3085 B2013-08-08 19:03:15
247644xiaoniu1028Wrong Answer1348 kb0 msC++1992 B2013-08-08 18:53:25
247643xiaoniu1028Wrong Answer1348 kb0 msC++1959 B2013-08-08 18:44:06
247642xiaoniu1028Wrong Answer1348 kb0 msC++1983 B2013-08-08 18:42:06
247641xiaoniu1028Wrong Answer1348 kb0 msC++1973 B2013-08-08 18:39:18
247616xiaoniu1028Wrong Answer1336 kb0 msC++2728 B2013-08-08 14:36:37
247615xiaoniu1028Wrong Answer1336 kb0 msC++2730 B2013-08-08 14:31:54
247614xiaoniu1028Compile Error0 kb0 msC++2318 B2013-08-08 14:28:03
247613xiaoniu1028Wrong Answer1348 kb0 msC++2005 B2013-08-08 13:53:49
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