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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
1307275wustgyc1031Accepted1724 kb0 msC++2699 B2019-01-07 20:44:52
972282wl161741321031Accepted1488 kb0 msC++2285 B2017-12-04 17:44:21
898774kxiang1031*Accepted-943722040 kb0 msC6323 B2017-11-04 09:47:21
848598orangechen1031Accepted968 kb0 msC++3203 B2017-07-21 12:34:17
848137kanz761031Accepted972 kb0 msC++2969 B2017-07-18 16:10:28
767160lexsming1031Accepted968 kb0 msC2668 B2017-04-13 19:48:03
766890Joker1031Accepted980 kb0 msC++1606 B2017-04-13 15:51:06
141170jk111712281031Accepted908 kb0 msC++1828 B2012-06-12 20:22:34
136414jk111711281031Accepted892 kb0 msC++3896 B2012-05-27 08:30:06
135047sz111732281031Accepted944 kb0 msC++1797 B2012-05-21 10:16:34
94372michaelalan1031Accepted1908 kb0 msC6321 B2011-11-28 22:43:28
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