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2017 ACM 集训队预选排名~      报名入口

Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
898786kxiang1032Accepted964 kb0 msC508 B2017-11-04 10:07:18
897785kxiang1032Compile Error0 kb0 msC8 B2017-11-03 17:11:15
849573wl161741121032Accepted1492 kb0 msC++585 B2017-08-04 09:49:42
848739pdd3378164641032*Accepted-848731968 kb0 msC++762 B2017-07-22 15:06:33
848736pdd3378164641032Accepted972 kb0 msC++794 B2017-07-22 14:47:27
848734a6263325231032Compile Error0 kb0 msC++942 B2017-07-22 14:26:40
848733a6263325231032Compile Error0 kb0 msC942 B2017-07-22 14:26:22
848732a6263325231032Accepted1496 kb0 msC++749 B2017-07-22 13:54:39
848731a6263325231032Accepted968 kb0 msC++758 B2017-07-22 13:47:22
848727orangechen1032*Accepted-848722964 kb0 msC++499 B2017-07-22 12:59:26
848722orangechen1032Accepted964 kb0 msC++392 B2017-07-22 12:46:39
848256kanz761032Accepted964 kb0 msC++567 B2017-07-18 18:08:16
818493swjg1605072401521032Compile Error0 kb0 msC638 B2017-06-18 16:52:07
721266wl161741321032Accepted964 kb0 msC1228 B2017-02-11 20:35:29
721265wl161741321032Output Limit Exceed964 kb20 msC1226 B2017-02-11 20:31:05
533495zqy_1032*Accepted-5334939460 kb16 msC++1641 B2016-01-14 16:18:31
533494zqy_1032*Accepted-5334939460 kb16 msC++1640 B2016-01-14 16:18:01
533493zqy_1032Accepted9460 kb16 msC++1641 B2016-01-14 16:17:31
376194suhaibm1032Wrong Answer1484 kb0 msC++417 B2014-11-26 15:49:14
376161suhaibm1032*Accepted-3761601488 kb0 msC++445 B2014-11-26 15:23:45
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