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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
848413kanz761035Time Limit Exceed1152 kb2312 msC2814 B2017-07-19 19:13:00
848412kanz761035Time Limit Exceed1152 kb2360 msC2816 B2017-07-19 19:01:13
848411kanz761035Time Limit Exceed1060 kb2388 msC2816 B2017-07-19 18:59:36
848410kanz761035Accepted1172 kb0 msC++2287 B2017-07-19 18:56:10
848409kanz761035Runtime Error1016 kb1352 msC++2816 B2017-07-19 18:54:06
848408kanz761035Runtime Error1016 kb1344 msC2816 B2017-07-19 18:53:15
848407kanz761035Compile Error0 kb0 msC2802 B2017-07-19 18:51:16
848402kanz761035Time Limit Exceed1716 kb2272 msC3208 B2017-07-19 16:55:09
848346kanz761035Runtime Error1692 kb16 msC1333 B2017-07-19 10:11:47
848345kanz761035Runtime Error1572 kb16 msC1334 B2017-07-19 10:10:38
848344kanz761035Runtime Error964 kb0 msC1331 B2017-07-19 10:09:17
848343kanz761035Compile Error0 kb0 msC1330 B2017-07-19 10:08:42
826129SDWUJKWB1035Output Limit Exceed1488 kb0 msC++1018 B2017-06-24 13:57:11
246704jk111712281035Accepted1372 kb0 msC++2768 B2013-07-16 18:00:59
246700jk111712281035*Accepted-246697880 kb0 msC++1255 B2013-07-16 14:33:47
246699jk111712281035*Accepted-246697880 kb0 msC++1261 B2013-07-16 14:25:42
246698jk111712281035*Accepted-246697880 kb0 msC++1126 B2013-07-16 14:19:22
246697jk111712281035Accepted880 kb0 msC++1078 B2013-07-16 14:17:23
246696jk111712281035Accepted880 kb0 msC++2566 B2013-07-16 14:09:48
246695jk111712281035Wrong Answer880 kb0 msC++2399 B2013-07-16 13:50:29
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