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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
1320059hahah1039Accepted1716 kb0 msC++1452 B2019-02-21 10:55:13
1320058hahah1039Presentation Error1752 kb0 msC++1201 B2019-02-21 10:52:41
1320057hahah1039Wrong Answer1716 kb0 msC++1373 B2019-02-21 10:49:01
1320056hahah1039Wrong Answer1716 kb0 msC++1374 B2019-02-21 10:47:11
1320054hahah1039Accepted1752 kb0 msC++1752 B2019-02-21 10:43:32
1320053hahah1039Wrong Answer1716 kb0 msC++1334 B2019-02-21 10:42:44
1320052hahah1039Wrong Answer1716 kb0 msC++1247 B2019-02-21 10:39:30
1275783dannypung1039Accepted1096 kb0 msC1276 B2018-12-08 12:09:03
898814kxiang1039*Accepted-217750964 kb0 msC1339 B2017-11-04 10:47:24
897790kxiang1039Compile Error0 kb0 msC8 B2017-11-03 17:14:14
848965orangechen1039Accepted1488 kb0 msC++1183 B2017-07-25 14:28:23
848964orangechen1039Wrong Answer1488 kb0 msC++1157 B2017-07-25 14:26:16
848959a6263325231039Presentation Error964 kb0 msC++1215 B2017-07-25 13:26:09
848958a6263325231039Presentation Error968 kb0 msC1215 B2017-07-25 13:25:52
848753kanz761039Accepted968 kb0 msC2321 B2017-07-22 20:14:03
7674588062264221039*Accepted-767440964 kb0 msC1643 B2017-04-13 23:59:28
7674408062264221039Accepted964 kb0 msC1628 B2017-04-13 23:45:11
217751kep1039*Accepted-217750840 kb0 msC1312 B2013-04-19 22:35:45
217750kep1039Accepted852 kb0 msC1315 B2013-04-19 22:34:30
203736sf128322191039Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC++470 B2013-01-03 21:28:47
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