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2017 ACM 集训队预选排名~      报名入口

Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
898963kxiang1049*Accepted-135412964 kb0 msC290 B2017-11-04 13:47:53
857832wl161741321049Accepted1488 kb0 msC++410 B2017-09-29 12:13:56
849000a6263325231049*Accepted-848999964 kb0 msC++289 B2017-07-26 09:53:02
848999a6263325231049Accepted964 kb0 msC284 B2017-07-26 09:52:38
444496jk141711251049Accepted964 kb0 msC++327 B2015-08-19 17:08:33
443777jk141712161049Accepted1488 kb0 msC++641 B2015-07-28 16:44:59
443759jk141712121049Accepted964 kb0 msC++346 B2015-07-28 15:14:04
443741jk141711021049Accepted1488 kb0 msC++439 B2015-07-28 10:42:01
443739rj131752021049Accepted964 kb0 msC++314 B2015-07-28 10:39:47
247008jk121711371049Accepted836 kb0 msC++353 B2013-07-25 17:03:36
136295jk111711281049Accepted884 kb0 msC++406 B2012-05-25 21:50:23
135462jk101711011049Accepted1352 kb0 msC++296 B2012-05-22 21:57:03
135414ice1049*Accepted-135412836 kb0 msC269 B2012-05-22 17:33:53
135412ice1049Accepted836 kb0 msC357 B2012-05-22 17:31:46
135217jk111712281049Accepted836 kb0 msC341 B2012-05-21 22:16:06
1098xiao1049Accepted232 kb0 msC++239 B2010-07-25 15:35:54
1097test1049Accepted232 kb15 msC239 B2010-07-25 15:35:25
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