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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
1061930buerjun1064Accepted1712 kb0 msC++781 B2018-09-07 11:13:05
899105kxiang1064*Accepted-136964964 kb0 msC726 B2017-11-04 15:39:00
855544wl161741321064Accepted1488 kb0 msC++513 B2017-09-24 18:44:01
849362orangechen1064*Accepted-8493601488 kb0 msC++1565 B2017-08-01 15:43:53
849361orangechen1064*Accepted-8493601488 kb0 msC++1747 B2017-08-01 15:36:55
849360orangechen1064Accepted1488 kb0 msC++2241 B2017-08-01 15:32:58
721075BCE1064Wrong Answer1480 kb0 msC++491 B2017-02-08 21:48:17
721072BCE1064Wrong Answer1488 kb0 msC++430 B2017-02-08 21:44:50
721066BCE1064Wrong Answer1488 kb0 msC++422 B2017-02-08 21:27:40
136964jk111712071064Accepted836 kb0 msC701 B2012-05-29 22:06:54
136299jk101711011064Accepted1356 kb0 msC++818 B2012-05-25 22:07:39
136294jk111712281064Accepted836 kb0 msC470 B2012-05-25 21:45:55
110024jk101711131064Accepted884 kb0 msC++447 B2012-02-04 11:56:51
110023jk101711131064Compile Error0 kb0 msC++453 B2012-02-04 11:55:06
110022jk101711131064Compile Error0 kb0 msC++460 B2012-02-04 11:53:19
3372908JK081714091064Accepted1352 kb0 msC++413 B2011-04-14 20:58:55
25306yang1064Accepted884 kb0 msC++455 B2011-04-02 16:06:41
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