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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
1318613A_nobody1066Wrong Answer42888 kb780 msC++825 B2019-01-25 14:33:53
1318612A_nobody1066Wrong Answer42888 kb784 msC++891 B2019-01-25 14:33:22
1318611A_nobody1066Wrong Answer42888 kb776 msC++891 B2019-01-25 14:31:00
1318610A_nobody1066Wrong Answer42888 kb740 msC++922 B2019-01-25 14:29:59
1318609A_nobody1066Wrong Answer42888 kb796 msC++929 B2019-01-25 14:28:21
1318608A_nobody1066Wrong Answer13592 kb584 msC++930 B2019-01-25 14:27:51
1318607A_nobody1066Wrong Answer13592 kb644 msC++966 B2019-01-25 14:26:28
1318606A_nobody1066Wrong Answer13592 kb620 msC++982 B2019-01-25 14:23:47
1318605A_nobody1066Wrong Answer13592 kb656 msC++1042 B2019-01-25 14:22:34
1318604A_nobody1066Runtime Error13592 kb796 msC++1079 B2019-01-25 14:20:30
1318603A_nobody1066Runtime Error13592 kb828 msC++1079 B2019-01-25 14:20:07
1023547jetuz1066Wrong Answer--**%1740 kb0 msC++1104 B2018-02-20 10:59:32
1023546jetuz1066Wrong Answer--**%13592 kb276 msC++1421 B2018-02-20 10:58:24
1023545jetuz1066Wrong Answer31008 kb288 msC++1133 B2018-02-20 10:57:39
1023544jetuz1066Wrong Answer31008 kb316 msC++1107 B2018-02-20 10:54:08
829073sdwujkwb1605071801471066Wrong Answer964 kb4 msC++251 B2017-06-27 17:46:02
544380jk141711021066Wrong Answer1488 kb0 msC++1054 B2016-04-06 21:25:27
110051jk101711131066Wrong Answer14556 kb556 msC++817 B2012-02-04 16:28:00
110050jk101711131066Wrong Answer14556 kb556 msC++816 B2012-02-04 16:24:00
41666xiao1066Compile Error0 kb0 msC++831 B2011-04-27 19:39:32
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