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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
899129kxiang1067*Accepted-136359976 kb196 msC694 B2017-11-04 16:08:05
136727jk111712071067Accepted836 kb40 msC1078 B2012-05-29 01:54:03
136726jk111712071067Time Limit Exceed836 kb1984 msC1105 B2012-05-29 01:52:29
136725jk111712071067Accepted836 kb40 msC980 B2012-05-29 01:51:09
136724jk111712071067Time Limit Exceed836 kb1988 msC1122 B2012-05-29 01:48:05
136723jk111712071067Time Limit Exceed880 kb1984 msC1577 B2012-05-29 00:50:55
136722jk111712071067Time Limit Exceed848 kb1980 msC1756 B2012-05-29 00:24:14
136721jk111712071067Compile Error0 kb0 msC1749 B2012-05-29 00:22:23
136720jk111712071067Compile Error0 kb0 msC++1749 B2012-05-29 00:21:42
136719jk111712071067Compile Error0 kb0 msC1762 B2012-05-29 00:18:02
136367vjudge51067Output Limit Exceed844 kb32 msC719 B2012-05-26 14:32:11
136366vjudge21067*Accepted-136359844 kb212 msC721 B2012-05-26 14:31:39
136364jk111712281067*Accepted-136359844 kb212 msC721 B2012-05-26 13:59:00
136360jk111712281067*Accepted-136359844 kb212 msC637 B2012-05-26 13:32:01
136359jk111712281067Accepted844 kb212 msC669 B2012-05-26 13:30:43
136355jk111712281067Runtime Error1144 kb0 msC1435 B2012-05-26 12:57:19
136354jk111712281067Runtime Error1016 kb0 msC1437 B2012-05-26 12:56:16
136307jk111712281067Memory Limit Exceed78816 kb0 msC971 B2012-05-26 00:03:13
110133jk101711131067Accepted1080 kb72 msC++971 B2012-02-06 09:44:39
110132jk101711131067Wrong Answer1080 kb12 msC++909 B2012-02-06 09:36:16
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