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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
1373100qqqqqq1097*Accepted-11188671716 kb0 msC++2970 B2019-05-14 13:07:44
1118867bluebubbleeee1097Accepted1716 kb0 msC++3483 B2018-10-18 14:55:11
1118858bluebubbleeee1097Presentation Error1716 kb0 msC++3487 B2018-10-18 14:53:37
1118808bluebubbleeee1097Presentation Error1716 kb0 msC++3477 B2018-10-18 14:41:33
1118552bluebubbleeee1097Presentation Error1716 kb0 msC++3393 B2018-10-18 13:34:55
1118542bluebubbleeee1097Presentation Error1716 kb0 msC++3239 B2018-10-18 13:32:19
899540kxiang1097*Accepted-246675976 kb0 msC2615 B2017-11-04 21:33:56
850716kanz761097Accepted964 kb0 msC1774 B2017-08-18 12:28:35
346269vjudge41097Accepted988 kb0 msC++1662 B2014-07-27 20:11:30
246675tarcisiofischer1097Accepted848 kb0 msC2622 B2013-07-15 10:53:22
206415yz121211097Accepted1340 kb0 msC++2808 B2013-01-21 00:05:31
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