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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
1107494jk182135153363Compile Error0 kb0 msC++377 B2018-10-12 23:56:58
1107493jk182134333362Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC++379 B2018-10-12 23:56:49
1107492jk182134973361Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC++380 B2018-10-12 23:56:35
1107491jk182134633340Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC++219 B2018-10-12 23:56:20
1107490jk182135113340Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC++211 B2018-10-12 23:56:01
1107489jk182135243338Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC++412 B2018-10-12 23:55:39
1107488jk182135143363*Accepted-2629751092 kb0 msC++338 B2018-10-12 23:55:37
1107487jk182134633340Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC++218 B2018-10-12 23:55:30
1107486jk182134633340Runtime Error1088 kb0 msC++218 B2018-10-12 23:55:12
1107485jk182135113340Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC++197 B2018-10-12 23:54:52
1107484jk182134393338Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC++726 B2018-10-12 23:54:33
1107483js182304184302*Accepted-11057841092 kb0 msC664 B2018-10-12 23:54:11
1107482js182304184302Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC668 B2018-10-12 23:53:45
1107481js182304184302Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC656 B2018-10-12 23:53:20
1107480jk182135243338Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC++356 B2018-10-12 23:53:03
1107479js182304184302Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC653 B2018-10-12 23:52:59
1107478jk182134443340Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC239 B2018-10-12 23:52:56
1107477js182304184302Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC656 B2018-10-12 23:52:43
1107476jk182134393338Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC++726 B2018-10-12 23:51:35
1107475jk182134973361Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC++274 B2018-10-12 23:49:12
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