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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
342432*14YD043171Wrong Answer1328 kb0 msC++761 B2014-05-25 11:41:56
342405*14YD043171Wrong Answer1328 kb4 msC++747 B2014-05-25 11:34:20
342394*14YD043173Accepted1332 kb0 msC++607 B2014-05-25 11:28:44
342391*14YD043175Wrong Answer1328 kb0 msC++607 B2014-05-25 11:28:20
342335*14YD043173Wrong Answer1332 kb0 msC++605 B2014-05-25 11:10:47
342319*14YD043173Wrong Answer1332 kb0 msC++544 B2014-05-25 11:03:44
342308*14YD043173Wrong Answer1332 kb0 msC++494 B2014-05-25 11:00:20
342292*14YD043173Wrong Answer1332 kb0 msC++543 B2014-05-25 10:54:29
342236*14YD043173Wrong Answer1332 kb0 msC++611 B2014-05-25 10:32:02
342183*14YD043172Wrong Answer1332 kb0 msC++444 B2014-05-25 10:09:42
342116*14YD043171Wrong Answer1328 kb4 msC++662 B2014-05-25 09:41:23
342095*14YD043171Wrong Answer1328 kb8 msC++834 B2014-05-25 09:34:21
342075*14YD043171Wrong Answer1328 kb4 msC++735 B2014-05-25 09:24:09
342047*14YD043171Wrong Answer1328 kb4 msC++761 B2014-05-25 09:15:59
342036*14YD043171Wrong Answer1328 kb4 msC++743 B2014-05-25 09:11:46
342023*14YD043174*Accepted-3419871328 kb0 msC++851 B2014-05-25 09:07:22
342017*14YD043174Runtime Error1328 kb0 msC++849 B2014-05-25 09:05:01
342010*14YD043174Runtime Error1328 kb0 msC++888 B2014-05-25 09:02:09
342001*14YD043174Runtime Error1328 kb0 msC++895 B2014-05-25 08:59:52
341990*14YD043176Wrong Answer1328 kb0 msC++364 B2014-05-25 08:55:12
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