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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
342481*14YD173173Wrong Answer1332 kb0 msC++725 B2014-05-25 11:55:46
342472*14YD173173Wrong Answer1332 kb0 msC++722 B2014-05-25 11:54:01
342447*14YD173173Wrong Answer1332 kb0 msC++717 B2014-05-25 11:47:08
342422*14YD173171Accepted1336 kb8 msC++1585 B2014-05-25 11:40:05
342406*14YD173171Wrong Answer1336 kb8 msC++1485 B2014-05-25 11:34:25
342247*14YD173172Wrong Answer1372 kb0 msC++926 B2014-05-25 10:37:18
342238*14YD173172Wrong Answer1372 kb0 msC++930 B2014-05-25 10:32:57
342230*14YD173172Wrong Answer1372 kb0 msC++930 B2014-05-25 10:30:25
342211*14YD173172Wrong Answer1372 kb0 msC++891 B2014-05-25 10:24:44
342101*14YD173173Wrong Answer1332 kb0 msC++706 B2014-05-25 09:35:45
342092*14YD173175Time Limit Exceed1328 kb1000 msC++569 B2014-05-25 09:31:40
342077*14YD173175Wrong Answer1328 kb4 msC++542 B2014-05-25 09:24:38
342062*14YD173175Wrong Answer1328 kb0 msC++371 B2014-05-25 09:19:46
342055*14YD173175Wrong Answer1328 kb0 msC++373 B2014-05-25 09:18:09
342042*14YD173175Wrong Answer1328 kb0 msC++398 B2014-05-25 09:14:41
341963*14YD173174*Accepted-3419531328 kb0 msC++652 B2014-05-25 08:45:10
341957*14YD173174Wrong Answer1328 kb0 msC++652 B2014-05-25 08:43:46
341926*14YD173173Wrong Answer1332 kb0 msC++706 B2014-05-25 08:34:19
341920*14YD173173Wrong Answer1332 kb0 msC++641 B2014-05-25 08:31:32
341909*14YD173173Wrong Answer1332 kb0 msC++665 B2014-05-25 08:27:24
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