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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
34248514SS193171Wrong Answer40480 kb56 msC825 B2014-05-25 11:56:33
34247414SS193171Wrong Answer40480 kb280 msC918 B2014-05-25 11:54:09
34238314SS193171Wrong Answer40480 kb0 msC846 B2014-05-25 11:27:10
34236314SS193173Wrong Answer840 kb0 msC1267 B2014-05-25 11:20:08
34235914SS193173Wrong Answer840 kb0 msC1266 B2014-05-25 11:18:53
34234414SS193173Wrong Answer840 kb0 msC1214 B2014-05-25 11:14:45
34233714SS193173Wrong Answer840 kb0 msC1007 B2014-05-25 11:11:19
34228114SS193171Wrong Answer2828 kb4 msC1019 B2014-05-25 10:49:58
34222014SS193173Wrong Answer840 kb0 msC839 B2014-05-25 10:27:38
34218814SS193171Wrong Answer2828 kb4 msC863 B2014-05-25 10:12:13
34215914SS193171Wrong Answer2828 kb0 msC664 B2014-05-25 09:56:52
34215114SS193171Wrong Answer2828 kb0 msC664 B2014-05-25 09:53:40
34214514SS193171Compile Error0 kb0 msC650 B2014-05-25 09:52:08
34212314SS193172Accepted836 kb0 msC503 B2014-05-25 09:43:38
34207914SS193175Wrong Answer1328 kb8 msC++632 B2014-05-25 09:26:05
34205914SS193175Wrong Answer1328 kb720 msC++630 B2014-05-25 09:18:59
34196114SS193173Wrong Answer1328 kb0 msC++1117 B2014-05-25 08:44:52
34193714SS193176Wrong Answer1328 kb0 msC++452 B2014-05-25 08:38:37
34191814SS193174Accepted1328 kb0 msC++696 B2014-05-25 08:30:47
34190014SS193173Wrong Answer1332 kb0 msC++862 B2014-05-25 08:23:24
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