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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
771838588804852004Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC645 B2011-11-03 19:23:42
759708588804852001*Accepted-11033884 kb0 msC++573 B2011-11-03 10:02:51
744458588804852002Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC939 B2011-10-31 20:40:03
744288588804852002Runtime Error836 kb404 msC1007 B2011-10-31 20:32:51
744258588804852002Runtime Error836 kb364 msC1017 B2011-10-31 20:31:42
744128588804852001Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC572 B2011-10-31 20:24:47
744078588804852002Runtime Error836 kb404 msC1023 B2011-10-31 20:22:45
744028588804852001Compile Error0 kb0 msC845 B2011-10-31 20:19:45
743998588804852002Runtime Error836 kb8 msC1014 B2011-10-31 20:18:46
743898588804852002Runtime Error836 kb400 msC996 B2011-10-31 20:15:40
743418588804852002Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC959 B2011-10-31 19:38:40
743388588804851000Accepted1092 kb0 msC181 B2011-10-31 19:35:45
743318588804852002Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC985 B2011-10-31 19:30:10
743308588804851003*Accepted-13062836 kb0 msC151 B2011-10-31 19:29:29
743288588804851000Accepted1092 kb0 msC177 B2011-10-31 19:25:57
743268588804852002Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC982 B2011-10-31 19:21:25
743248588804852002Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC1093 B2011-10-31 19:19:25
731118588804852002Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC958 B2011-10-29 14:53:40
731058588804852002Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC958 B2011-10-29 14:49:15
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