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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
483562Jk131712042004*Accepted-225610964 kb16 msC++899 B2015-11-02 16:42:09
473423Jk131712042003Time Limit Exceed1092 kb1000 msC++899 B2015-10-26 17:31:58
473328Jk131712042005*Accepted-2999661488 kb48 msC++1295 B2015-10-26 17:02:39
473263Jk131712042002*Accepted-4362241488 kb0 msC++449 B2015-10-26 16:35:11
473214Jk131712042005Time Limit Exceed1572 kb1000 msC++919 B2015-10-26 16:22:06
473205Jk131712042005Time Limit Exceed1632 kb1000 msC++1092 B2015-10-26 16:20:19
473197Jk131712042005Output Limit Exceed968 kb28 msC531 B2015-10-26 16:17:35
473195Jk131712042005Compile Error0 kb0 msC++531 B2015-10-26 16:17:17
449249Jk131712042001*Accepted-253279964 kb0 msC571 B2015-10-12 17:40:54
449222Jk131712042000*Accepted-2532641540 kb0 msC++1280 B2015-10-12 17:33:51
439101Jk131712043188Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC737 B2015-06-07 11:21:15
439074Jk131712043188Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC544 B2015-06-07 11:15:04
438990Jk131712043186Accepted964 kb0 msC598 B2015-06-07 10:55:17
438969Jk131712043186Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC594 B2015-06-07 10:50:56
438954Jk131712043186Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC551 B2015-06-07 10:45:56
438779Jk131712043187Accepted976 kb0 msC286 B2015-06-07 10:05:52
438678Jk131712043187Wrong Answer976 kb0 msC238 B2015-06-07 09:49:40
438671Jk131712043187Compile Error0 kb0 msC277 B2015-06-07 09:48:46
438611Jk131712043187Wrong Answer976 kb0 msC251 B2015-06-07 09:37:34
438553Jk131712043189Accepted1488 kb1572 msC++932 B2015-06-07 09:24:14
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