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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
248034WL101742301509Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC487 B2013-08-26 12:37:00
248032WL101742301509Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC490 B2013-08-25 16:09:00
248031WL101742301509Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC490 B2013-08-25 16:08:21
248030WL101742301509Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC490 B2013-08-25 16:08:10
248029WL101742301509Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC486 B2013-08-25 15:59:52
248028WL101742301509Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC489 B2013-08-25 15:56:31
248017WL101742301502Accepted832 kb0 msC214 B2013-08-20 11:35:45
248016WL101742301502Presentation Error832 kb0 msC212 B2013-08-20 11:35:04
248015WL101742301142Accepted848 kb0 msC557 B2013-08-20 11:12:49
248014WL101742301135*Accepted-248012836 kb0 msC669 B2013-08-19 22:34:10
248013WL101742301135*Accepted-248011836 kb0 msC499 B2013-08-19 22:32:49
248011WL101742301135*Accepted-34343836 kb0 msC500 B2013-08-19 22:26:01
248010WL101742301135*Accepted-34343836 kb0 msC512 B2013-08-19 22:12:22
248009WL101742301135Presentation Error836 kb0 msC485 B2013-08-19 19:57:11
248008WL101742301134Accepted848 kb0 msC357 B2013-08-19 19:25:46
248007WL101742301134Compile Error0 kb0 msC364 B2013-08-19 19:23:06
248006WL101742301134Compile Error0 kb0 msC364 B2013-08-19 19:21:37
248005WL101742301141*Accepted-13786836 kb0 msC282 B2013-08-19 17:25:02
248004WL101742301140Accepted836 kb8 msC337 B2013-08-19 16:48:37
248003WL101742301140Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC313 B2013-08-19 16:33:48
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