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RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
152056a5470206791877*Accepted-14185832 kb0 msC250 B2012-10-25 11:35:18
152055a5470206791853*Accepted-19766832 kb0 msC414 B2012-10-25 11:35:04
152054a5470206791877*Accepted-14185832 kb0 msC250 B2012-10-25 11:34:46
152049a5470206791877*Accepted-14185832 kb0 msC250 B2012-10-25 11:21:19
152047a5470206791853*Accepted-19766832 kb0 msC414 B2012-10-25 11:14:12
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