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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
337980cww1295*Accepted-3379591468 kb40 msC++807 B2014-04-24 21:21:19
337979cww1295Wrong Answer1464 kb16 msC++801 B2014-04-24 21:20:09
337978cww1295Wrong Answer1464 kb24 msC++786 B2014-04-24 21:19:09
337977cww1295Wrong Answer1468 kb24 msC++782 B2014-04-24 21:14:20
337972cww1295Wrong Answer1360 kb28 msC++782 B2014-04-24 21:03:51
337969cww1295*Accepted-3379591596 kb40 msC++738 B2014-04-24 21:02:17
337968cww1295Wrong Answer1368 kb24 msC++776 B2014-04-24 21:00:57
337965cww1295Wrong Answer1364 kb24 msC++782 B2014-04-24 20:58:32
337964cww1295Wrong Answer1368 kb24 msC++802 B2014-04-24 20:58:12
337963cww1295Wrong Answer1368 kb24 msC++787 B2014-04-24 20:57:12
337962cww1295Wrong Answer1364 kb24 msC++827 B2014-04-24 20:54:34
337961cww1295Wrong Answer1368 kb24 msC++827 B2014-04-24 20:53:56
337960cww1293Wrong Answer1332 kb20 msC++777 B2014-04-24 20:52:08
337959cww1295Accepted1596 kb44 msC++738 B2014-04-24 20:33:09
337953cww1295Wrong Answer1408 kb0 msC++3067 B2014-04-24 20:15:04
337948cww1293Compile Error0 kb0 msC++1378 B2014-04-24 20:08:09
337947cww1295Runtime Error1324 kb0 msC++921 B2014-04-24 20:04:23
337946cww1295Compile Error0 kb0 msC++1033 B2014-04-24 20:03:31
337945cww1293Runtime Error1324 kb0 msC++920 B2014-04-24 20:01:59
337944cww1295Runtime Error1324 kb0 msC++920 B2014-04-24 20:00:51
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