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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
429129doudou3100Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC++234 B2015-04-18 18:14:26
428987doudou1903Time Limit Exceed960 kb1000 msC++351 B2015-04-17 19:57:20
428174doudou1924*Accepted-21253964 kb0 msC++167 B2015-04-15 18:52:11
425552doudou3425Wrong Answer964 kb40 msC++223 B2015-04-09 19:47:36
425551doudou3425Wrong Answer964 kb40 msC++232 B2015-04-09 19:43:54
425529doudou3067*Accepted-323833964 kb0 msC++237 B2015-04-09 18:23:31
425528doudou3067*Accepted-323833964 kb0 msC++234 B2015-04-09 18:22:20
425465doudou3067Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC++217 B2015-04-09 13:35:36
425245doudou3052Accepted964 kb0 msC++215 B2015-04-08 22:22:33
425235doudou3051*Accepted-279685964 kb0 msC++212 B2015-04-08 22:05:01
420647doudou1217Time Limit Exceed1092 kb1000 msC++274 B2015-03-30 17:49:05
420460doudou3669*Accepted-366571964 kb0 msC++527 B2015-03-30 11:13:48
420457doudou3669Time Limit Exceed960 kb1000 msC++367 B2015-03-30 11:10:26
420309doudou3720*Accepted-394898964 kb0 msC++351 B2015-03-29 13:56:01
420308doudou3720Presentation Error964 kb0 msC++349 B2015-03-29 13:55:17
420240doudou3709*Accepted-406598964 kb0 msC++239 B2015-03-28 23:56:44
420233doudou3700*Accepted-403477964 kb0 msC++270 B2015-03-28 23:41:57
417878doudou3639*Accepted-402768964 kb0 msC++170 B2015-03-24 23:17:02
417742doudou3700Compile Error0 kb0 msC++263 B2015-03-24 17:34:09
417693doudou3702*Accepted-412133968 kb0 msC++231 B2015-03-24 14:21:49
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