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2017 ACM 集训队预选排名~      报名入口

Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
762005jason3853Accepted1488 kb0 msC++721 B2017-04-07 16:23:02
761963jason3852Accepted1488 kb0 msC++409 B2017-04-07 15:54:00
761933jason3850*Accepted-6588711488 kb0 msC++182 B2017-04-07 15:34:42
761930jason3849Accepted1488 kb0 msC++358 B2017-04-07 15:33:04
761918jason3848*Accepted-6848651488 kb0 msC++224 B2017-04-07 15:27:46
761911jason3847Accepted1488 kb0 msC++239 B2017-04-07 15:25:39
761907jason3846*Accepted-7025531488 kb0 msC++227 B2017-04-07 15:22:38
761901jason3845*Accepted-6333061488 kb0 msC++324 B2017-04-07 15:19:28
761898jason3844Accepted1488 kb0 msC++265 B2017-04-07 15:17:26
761896jason3843Accepted1488 kb0 msC++271 B2017-04-07 15:16:29
761893jason3842Accepted1488 kb0 msC++198 B2017-04-07 15:14:25
761890jason3841Accepted0 kb0 msC++194 B2017-04-07 15:12:40
761883jason3840Accepted0 kb0 msC++299 B2017-04-07 15:10:11
761879jason3839*Accepted-6683950 kb0 msC++235 B2017-04-07 15:07:21
761877jason3838Accepted0 kb0 msC++205 B2017-04-07 15:05:46
761873jason3837Accepted1488 kb0 msC++512 B2017-04-07 15:04:18
761767jason3836Accepted0 kb0 msC++576 B2017-04-07 14:01:25
761752jason3835Accepted964 kb0 msC231 B2017-04-07 13:49:28
761747jason3834*Accepted-722506964 kb0 msC229 B2017-04-07 13:47:54
761745jason3833*Accepted-714186964 kb0 msC185 B2017-04-07 13:45:52
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