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2017 ACM 集训队预选排名~      报名入口

Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
920577jf168312072038Accepted964 kb0 msC1613 B2017-11-14 17:26:35
920566jf168312072038Runtime Error--**%964 kb0 msC1590 B2017-11-14 17:23:21
920542jf168312072038Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC1439 B2017-11-14 17:16:41
905234jf168312072602*Accepted-896803964 kb0 msC1016 B2017-11-06 14:58:49
905221jf168312072601Accepted964 kb0 msC1880 B2017-11-06 14:53:16
905197jf168312072600Accepted964 kb0 msC889 B2017-11-06 14:22:10
900172jf168312072607Accepted964 kb0 msC1321 B2017-11-05 16:55:32
899459jf168312072606Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC1695 B2017-11-04 20:24:55
899439jf168312072605Runtime Error964 kb0 msC1739 B2017-11-04 20:07:20
899433jf168312072605Output Limit Exceed964 kb0 msC1713 B2017-11-04 20:04:08
899426jf168312072605Time Limit Exceed1356 kb1972 msC1683 B2017-11-04 20:00:11
899424jf168312072605Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC1687 B2017-11-04 19:59:51
897517jf168312072604Accepted964 kb0 msC3147 B2017-11-03 12:28:16
897505jf168312072604Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC3109 B2017-11-03 12:18:31
897008jf168312071830Presentation Error964 kb0 msC857 B2017-11-02 21:33:03
896983jf168312071830Presentation Error964 kb0 msC692 B2017-11-02 21:15:42
896873jf168312072603Accepted964 kb0 msC2478 B2017-11-02 20:19:49
896803jf168312072602Accepted964 kb0 msC2416 B2017-11-02 19:57:42
896780jf168312072601Accepted964 kb0 msC2278 B2017-11-02 19:50:00
896722jf168312072601Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC1767 B2017-11-02 19:29:58
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