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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
1094588jf168312072299Runtime Error21224 kb676 msJava2596 B2018-10-08 10:40:23
1094572jf168312072299Runtime Error20384 kb544 msJava3051 B2018-10-08 10:26:23
1094564jf168312072299Runtime Error20056 kb588 msJava3055 B2018-10-08 10:22:30
1094295jf168312072299Runtime Error20188 kb580 msJava3293 B2018-10-08 05:09:51
1094294jf168312072299Runtime Error20512 kb652 msJava3301 B2018-10-08 04:57:18
1094293jf168312072299Runtime Error19192 kb564 msJava3297 B2018-10-08 04:53:08
1094292jf168312072299Runtime Error17192 kb548 msJava2928 B2018-10-08 04:12:41
1094291jf168312072299Runtime Error16936 kb540 msJava2759 B2018-10-08 04:01:49
1094290jf168312072299Runtime Error18464 kb1044 msJava2566 B2018-10-08 03:58:13
1094289jf168312072299Compile Error0 kb0 msJava2574 B2018-10-08 03:55:24
1043823jf168312073862Accepted1088 kb4 msC311 B2018-04-25 12:42:56
1039009jf168312074208Time Limit Exceed1092 kb1000 msC486 B2018-04-15 17:08:21
1038926jf168312074205Accepted1740 kb0 msC++311 B2018-04-15 16:38:44
1038893jf168312074205Time Limit Exceed1712 kb1000 msC++431 B2018-04-15 16:31:26
1038886jf168312074205Time Limit Exceed1712 kb1000 msC++415 B2018-04-15 16:29:15
1038881jf168312074205Time Limit Exceed1712 kb1000 msC++415 B2018-04-15 16:26:42
1038874jf168312074205Wrong Answer1712 kb0 msC++410 B2018-04-15 16:25:18
1038852jf168312074205Wrong Answer1712 kb0 msC++397 B2018-04-15 16:20:43
1038851jf168312074205Compile Error0 kb0 msC397 B2018-04-15 16:20:30
1038649jf168312074208Time Limit Exceed1092 kb1000 msC486 B2018-04-15 15:41:58
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