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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
226449jk101711033229Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC++865 B2013-05-14 16:51:09
226446jk101711033229Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC++860 B2013-05-14 16:46:39
226405jk101711033209Accepted836 kb0 msC++605 B2013-05-14 16:09:16
226384jk101711033209Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC++831 B2013-05-14 16:04:32
226353jk101711033208*Accepted-225487836 kb0 msC++325 B2013-05-14 15:53:58
205988jk101711031145*Accepted-205877836 kb0 msC++427 B2013-01-16 15:08:10
205987jk101711031145Compile Error0 kb0 msC++426 B2013-01-16 15:07:05
200270jk101711031314Accepted928 kb0 msC++703 B2013-01-01 11:47:37
200269jk101711031309*Accepted-1441362164 kb84 msC++1319 B2013-01-01 10:59:53
176744jk101711031300Accepted840 kb32 msC++1047 B2012-12-10 17:28:53
174551jk101711031185*Accepted-969722788 kb140 msC++666 B2012-12-09 15:15:17
170207jk101711031351Time Limit Exceed840 kb3000 msC++1081 B2012-12-04 11:08:05
169856jk101711031350*Accepted-169619840 kb1408 msC++1840 B2012-12-03 20:20:39
169835jk101711031350Wrong Answer840 kb0 msC++1833 B2012-12-03 20:11:08
169826jk101711031350Wrong Answer840 kb0 msC++1829 B2012-12-03 19:58:45
169803jk101711031350Time Limit Exceed844 kb2000 msC2528 B2012-12-03 19:28:35
169734jk101711031350Time Limit Exceed844 kb2000 msC2050 B2012-12-03 18:17:23
169724jk101711031350Time Limit Exceed844 kb2000 msC2190 B2012-12-03 18:11:54
169722jk101711031350Time Limit Exceed844 kb2000 msC2455 B2012-12-03 18:09:43
169710jk101711031350Time Limit Exceed844 kb2000 msC2473 B2012-12-03 18:02:55
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