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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
197623jk101711122003Time Limit Exceed1720 kb1000 msC++1109 B2012-12-25 12:22:27
189066jk101711122003Runtime Error1712 kb0 msC++1241 B2012-12-21 18:22:01
184671jk101711122004Accepted1328 kb16 msC++852 B2012-12-18 20:53:35
184635jk101711122005*Accepted-98824836 kb20 msC874 B2012-12-18 20:00:43
148992jk101711122001*Accepted-668311328 kb0 msC++663 B2012-10-09 21:50:33
148686jk101711122000*Accepted-26341356 kb0 msC++1660 B2012-10-08 17:12:26
148683jk101711122000Compile Error0 kb0 msC++2175 B2012-10-08 17:08:14
137970jk101711122002Accepted1356 kb0 msC++545 B2012-06-01 16:13:07
97628jk101711121796Accepted884 kb24 msC++454 B2011-12-04 11:59:37
97587jk101711121978*Accepted-97319888 kb0 msC++1425 B2011-12-04 11:51:10
97543jk101711121798Wrong Answer884 kb0 msC++504 B2011-12-04 11:34:12
97531jk101711121798Wrong Answer884 kb0 msC++504 B2011-12-04 11:31:30
97526jk101711121798Wrong Answer884 kb0 msC++504 B2011-12-04 11:30:49
97507jk101711121798Wrong Answer884 kb0 msC++488 B2011-12-04 11:22:37
97499jk101711121798Wrong Answer884 kb0 msC++488 B2011-12-04 11:19:22
97493jk101711121798Wrong Answer884 kb0 msC++488 B2011-12-04 11:17:07
97458jk101711121978Wrong Answer888 kb0 msC++421 B2011-12-04 10:54:31
97447jk101711122296Accepted892 kb0 msC++577 B2011-12-04 10:51:29
97433jk101711121978Wrong Answer888 kb0 msC++442 B2011-12-04 10:46:29
97432jk101711121978Wrong Answer888 kb0 msC++421 B2011-12-04 10:45:40
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