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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
389368jk121712222005Accepted1080 kb340 msC1129 B2014-12-18 17:33:05
389356jk121712222005Wrong Answer1080 kb44 msC1095 B2014-12-18 17:28:17
389355jk121712222005Output Limit Exceed1080 kb44 msC1180 B2014-12-18 17:27:54
386111jk121712222005Compile Error0 kb0 msC861 B2014-12-11 17:35:21
386107jk121712222005Compile Error0 kb0 msC840 B2014-12-11 17:34:20
369243jk121712222003Time Limit Exceed1092 kb1000 msC1011 B2014-11-13 17:34:56
369167jk121712222002*Accepted-362665968 kb0 msC1076 B2014-11-13 16:45:23
362625jk121712222002*Accepted-223354972 kb0 msC445 B2014-10-30 16:44:27
358075jk121712222002*Accepted-272334964 kb0 msC573 B2014-10-23 17:39:22
355778jk121712222001*Accepted-354911964 kb0 msC930 B2014-10-16 17:03:20
352628jk121712222000*Accepted-253214980 kb0 msC1258 B2014-10-09 17:16:17
352621jk121712222000Wrong Answer980 kb0 msC1253 B2014-10-09 17:13:57
215613jk121712222924Accepted844 kb0 msC4547 B2013-04-14 09:21:23
215611jk121712222924Wrong Answer844 kb0 msC4544 B2013-04-14 08:47:04
215606jk121712222924Wrong Answer844 kb0 msC4544 B2013-04-14 08:30:35
215603jk121712222924Wrong Answer844 kb0 msC3996 B2013-04-14 07:58:54
215602jk121712222924Wrong Answer844 kb0 msC3996 B2013-04-14 07:53:22
214769jk121712222923Accepted844 kb0 msC2549 B2013-04-11 14:39:36
214732jk121712222923Wrong Answer844 kb0 msC2551 B2013-04-11 11:22:30
214601jk121712222923Time Limit Exceed840 kb1000 msC2644 B2013-04-10 22:21:34
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