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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
773898jk131711101001Compile Error0 kb0 msC131 B2017-04-18 18:56:17
773896jk131711101846Accepted964 kb0 msC133 B2017-04-18 18:41:09
773895jk131711101846Compile Error0 kb0 msC177 B2017-04-18 18:37:27
762267jk131711101842Accepted960 kb0 msC95 B2017-04-07 20:59:59
760024jk131711101002Wrong Answer960 kb0 msC150 B2017-04-05 19:41:21
759905jk131711101001*Accepted-560083964 kb0 msC150 B2017-04-05 13:00:05
759902jk131711101000Accepted1092 kb0 msC114 B2017-04-05 12:45:46
759854jk131711101000Wrong Answer1092 kb0 msC114 B2017-04-05 10:25:17
759852jk131711101000Accepted1092 kb0 msC++114 B2017-04-05 10:25:05
757599jk131711101000Runtime Error1088 kb0 msC++164 B2017-04-02 15:05:09
757574jk131711101000Time Limit Exceed1088 kb1000 msC126 B2017-04-02 14:59:11
757566jk131711101000Output Limit Exceed1092 kb28 msC++170 B2017-04-02 14:56:33
757534jk131711101000Accepted1092 kb0 msC133 B2017-04-02 14:47:55
746796jk131711101000Compile Error0 kb0 msRuby255 B2017-03-28 17:12:35
746769jk131711101000Compile Error0 kb0 msPascal255 B2017-03-28 15:51:09
746715jk131711101001Time Limit Exceed956 kb488 msC++118 B2017-03-28 15:05:42
746710jk131711101001Output Limit Exceed960 kb0 msC++120 B2017-03-28 15:03:34
746445jk131711101001Compile Error0 kb0 msC++4 B2017-03-28 13:23:58
746333jk131711102005*Accepted-4930991084 kb108 msC++914 B2017-03-28 11:23:55
745574jk131711101001Wrong Answer960 kb0 msC++82 B2017-03-27 18:53:04
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