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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
891195jk131712151000Compile Error0 kb0 msC++438 B2017-10-29 22:33:33
788150jk131712151234Wrong Answer964 kb20 msC++921 B2017-05-09 10:54:07
773897jk131712151025Compile Error0 kb0 msC113 B2017-04-18 18:53:34
773894jk131712151842Accepted1484 kb0 msC++262 B2017-04-18 18:37:26
762751jk131712151000Compile Error0 kb0 msC82 B2017-04-08 17:15:46
760023jk131712151001*Accepted-560083964 kb0 msC150 B2017-04-05 19:41:04
759904jk131712151002*Accepted-443502964 kb0 msC324 B2017-04-05 12:59:30
759901jk131712151001Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC114 B2017-04-05 12:45:35
759853jk131712151001Output Limit Exceed964 kb32 msC599 B2017-04-05 10:25:16
759851jk131712151000Accepted1092 kb0 msC114 B2017-04-05 10:24:54
759849jk131712151000Accepted1092 kb0 msC114 B2017-04-05 09:47:54
759821jk131712151000Accepted1092 kb0 msC126 B2017-04-04 21:42:01
759805jk131712151002Wrong Answer960 kb0 msC599 B2017-04-04 21:22:28
759796jk131712151002Wrong Answer960 kb0 msC603 B2017-04-04 21:06:18
757596jk131712151000Time Limit Exceed1088 kb1000 msC++169 B2017-04-02 15:04:37
757569jk131712151000Time Limit Exceed1088 kb1000 msC++165 B2017-04-02 14:57:06
757553jk131712151000Compile Error0 kb0 msC170 B2017-04-02 14:51:52
757523jk131712152005*Accepted-4930991084 kb112 msC++914 B2017-04-02 14:42:49
757428jk131712151802*Accepted-270736964 kb0 msC599 B2017-04-02 14:12:52
757418jk131712151802*Accepted-270736964 kb0 msC599 B2017-04-02 14:11:18
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