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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
129021jkabcd2923*Accepted-125653844 kb0 msC1917 B2012-04-18 23:32:02
129020jkabcd2924*Accepted-125900844 kb0 msC2519 B2012-04-18 23:31:37
129019jkabcd2924Compile Error0 kb0 msC2518 B2012-04-18 23:31:07
129018jkabcd2922*Accepted-125439840 kb0 msC1701 B2012-04-18 23:28:11
124892jkabcd2920Time Limit Exceed960 kb1000 msC506 B2012-04-06 13:59:29
124882jkabcd2920Time Limit Exceed960 kb1000 msC518 B2012-04-06 13:33:28
120908jkabcd2564Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC378 B2012-03-28 15:15:59
120905jkabcd2564Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC410 B2012-03-28 15:14:47
120903jkabcd2564Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC403 B2012-03-28 15:11:13
120901jkabcd2564Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC403 B2012-03-28 15:09:57
118481jkabcd2851Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC207 B2012-03-24 12:34:02
116403jkabcd2548Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC273 B2012-03-21 20:19:01
116163jkabcd2553*Accepted-115737836 kb0 msC280 B2012-03-21 16:40:07
116157jkabcd2553Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC269 B2012-03-21 16:36:33
116080jkabcd2550*Accepted-115685832 kb0 msC198 B2012-03-21 15:33:45
115962jkabcd2549Accepted836 kb0 msC393 B2012-03-21 14:40:07
115939jkabcd2549*Accepted-14546836 kb0 msC353 B2012-03-21 14:29:38
115930jkabcd2549Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC364 B2012-03-21 14:24:33
115914jkabcd2549Wrong Answer836 kb0 msC354 B2012-03-21 14:13:22
113071jkabcd2546*Accepted-14516836 kb0 msC465 B2012-03-16 15:11:30
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