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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
549230rj151838Accepted968 kb0 msC678 B2016-04-18 22:26:08
549227rj151819*Accepted-317390964 kb0 msC321 B2016-04-18 22:00:47
549226rj151819Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC270 B2016-04-18 21:58:35
549225rj151819Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC292 B2016-04-18 21:58:13
549223rj151895*Accepted-505798964 kb0 msC189 B2016-04-18 21:51:31
549222rj151877*Accepted-14185960 kb0 msC226 B2016-04-18 21:46:30
549221rj151894*Accepted-502673964 kb0 msC312 B2016-04-18 21:45:17
549217rj151894Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC312 B2016-04-18 21:39:25
549171rj151141*Accepted-287366964 kb0 msC306 B2016-04-18 17:40:06
549170rj151137*Accepted-315936976 kb0 msC285 B2016-04-18 17:34:11
548468rj151136Accepted964 kb0 msC218 B2016-04-16 20:14:37
548457rj151924*Accepted-18639964 kb0 msC177 B2016-04-16 20:02:31
548140rj151912Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC307 B2016-04-15 15:28:42
548124rj151900*Accepted-310708964 kb0 msC326 B2016-04-15 14:55:44
548083rj151898*Accepted-88222964 kb0 msC268 B2016-04-15 10:34:20
547080rj151891*Accepted-220160964 kb0 msC247 B2016-04-13 10:33:49
547079rj151891*Accepted-220160964 kb0 msC246 B2016-04-13 10:32:53
546773rj151890*Accepted-437951964 kb0 msC374 B2016-04-11 21:40:34
546765rj151889*Accepted-334402964 kb0 msC225 B2016-04-11 21:27:55
546761rj151884*Accepted-304157964 kb0 msC284 B2016-04-11 21:23:21
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