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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
94661sf108321122818Wrong Answer1360 kb0 msC++2944 B2011-11-29 10:26:40
91184sf108321122822Wrong Answer1356 kb0 msC++2008 B2011-11-22 09:37:37
87328sf108321122821Wrong Answer1356 kb0 msC++1703 B2011-11-15 16:39:08
87319sf108321122821Wrong Answer1356 kb0 msC++1704 B2011-11-15 15:50:55
87090sf108321122820Wrong Answer1356 kb0 msC++1861 B2011-11-15 09:37:15
87081sf108321122820Wrong Answer1356 kb0 msC++1859 B2011-11-15 09:32:19
86811sf108321122560Wrong Answer1328 kb0 msC++698 B2011-11-14 20:24:50
83913sf108321121874Wrong Answer1348 kb0 msC++259 B2011-11-11 21:23:05
83911sf108321121874Wrong Answer1348 kb0 msC++258 B2011-11-11 21:17:41
82462sf108321122555Wrong Answer1352 kb0 msC++559 B2011-11-09 21:53:14
82457sf108321122555Wrong Answer1352 kb0 msC++530 B2011-11-09 21:41:34
81440sf108321122548Wrong Answer1328 kb0 msC++378 B2011-11-08 21:35:46
80536sf108321122550Wrong Answer1348 kb0 msC++222 B2011-11-07 17:28:33
80535sf108321122550Wrong Answer1348 kb0 msC++222 B2011-11-07 17:27:48
80534sf108321122550Wrong Answer1348 kb0 msC++231 B2011-11-07 17:27:11
80531sf108321122551Wrong Answer1484 kb4 msC++266 B2011-11-07 16:57:46
68079sf108321121508Wrong Answer1356 kb0 msC++738 B2011-10-20 16:43:37
67266sf108321121503Wrong Answer1356 kb0 msC++604 B2011-10-19 21:09:01
66648sf108321122547Wrong Answer1352 kb0 msC++456 B2011-10-18 23:00:31
62598sf108321122545Wrong Answer1356 kb0 msC++590 B2011-09-27 20:42:29
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