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2017 ACM 集训队预选排名~      报名入口

Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
385271wl121742302005Wrong Answer964 kb20 msC++532 B2014-12-10 17:03:31
383400wl121742301197*Accepted-2204791624 kb0 msC++881 B2014-12-03 17:34:56
383347wl121742302003Time Limit Exceed964 kb1000 msC++948 B2014-12-03 16:47:31
383337wl121742302003Wrong Answer972 kb0 msC++1062 B2014-12-03 16:37:19
372303wl121742301197Memory Limit Exceed0 kb1000 msC++740 B2014-11-19 17:30:09
368243wl121742301197Output Limit Exceed36000 kb312 msC++655 B2014-11-12 17:30:09
368224wl121742301197Output Limit Exceed4752 kb308 msC++655 B2014-11-12 17:19:56
368222wl121742301197Runtime Error956 kb0 msC++658 B2014-11-12 17:18:17
368219wl121742301197Output Limit Exceed964 kb208 msC++650 B2014-11-12 17:17:39
365611wl121742302002*Accepted-362665968 kb0 msC++972 B2014-11-05 17:23:07
365587wl121742302002*Accepted-365580964 kb0 msC++366 B2014-11-05 16:47:30
365580wl121742302002*Accepted-361478964 kb272 msC++429 B2014-11-05 16:44:34
365569wl121742302002Compile Error0 kb0 msC++370 B2014-11-05 16:34:48
365566wl121742302002*Accepted-341450964 kb0 msC++377 B2014-11-05 16:33:09
365564wl121742302002Compile Error0 kb0 msC++356 B2014-11-05 16:31:12
361434wl121742302002*Accepted-338841964 kb0 msC401 B2014-10-29 17:10:33
361417wl121742302002Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC463 B2014-10-29 17:04:14
361388wl121742302002Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC467 B2014-10-29 16:54:26
354911wl121742302001*Accepted-339560964 kb0 msC635 B2014-10-15 16:59:51
354838wl121742301922*Accepted-265329964 kb0 msC516 B2014-10-15 16:11:53
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