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2017 ACM 集训队预选排名~      报名入口

Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
593559wl141742182003Wrong Answer2040 kb72 msC++1351 B2016-10-27 08:33:21
562798wl141742182004*Accepted-225610964 kb16 msC++1002 B2016-06-30 11:18:21
556731wl141742182003*Accepted-55673068300 kb620 msC++6492 B2016-05-23 19:47:03
555967wl141742182003Wrong Answer6632 kb16 msC++6453 B2016-05-19 09:33:41
555958wl141742182003Runtime Error19500 kb112 msC++6474 B2016-05-19 09:30:36
555955wl141742182003Runtime Error72028 kb96 msC++6333 B2016-05-19 09:28:32
555395wl141742182005Accepted1580 kb116 msC++1136 B2016-05-16 17:05:42
555394wl141742182005Output Limit Exceed1580 kb20 msC++1188 B2016-05-16 17:05:16
555386wl141742182005Time Limit Exceed1584 kb1000 msC++1084 B2016-05-16 16:41:56
555385wl141742182005Wrong Answer1580 kb24 msC++1053 B2016-05-16 16:36:09
553787wl141742181207Accepted1120 kb88 msC++1274 B2016-05-07 18:12:50
553786wl141742181207Accepted1644 kb88 msC++972 B2016-05-07 18:04:49
553785wl141742181207Time Limit Exceed1644 kb1000 msC++818 B2016-05-07 17:47:29
553388wl141742182003Runtime Error85788 kb164 msC++1871 B2016-05-05 13:19:00
553385wl141742182003Runtime Error964 kb0 msC2121 B2016-05-05 13:10:15
553380wl141742182003Runtime Error960 kb0 msC2039 B2016-05-05 13:02:36
553378wl141742182003Runtime Error960 kb0 msC2035 B2016-05-05 13:00:12
553376wl141742182003Runtime Error1484 kb0 msC++2051 B2016-05-05 12:57:34
553373wl141742182003Runtime Error85792 kb164 msC++1943 B2016-05-05 12:39:10
553371wl141742182003Runtime Error85792 kb164 msC++1939 B2016-05-05 12:37:28
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