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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
837317wl151742113546Accepted964 kb0 msC390 B2017-07-08 21:08:50
837300wl151742113546Compile Error0 kb0 msC399 B2017-07-08 21:08:01
837246wl151742113546Compile Error0 kb0 msC420 B2017-07-08 21:05:38
837210wl151742113546Compile Error0 kb0 msC394 B2017-07-08 21:03:06
837191wl151742113546Compile Error0 kb0 msC410 B2017-07-08 21:02:18
837132wl151742113546Compile Error0 kb0 msC423 B2017-07-08 20:58:57
837060wl151742113486Runtime Error--**%964 kb0 msC435 B2017-07-08 20:55:03
836933wl151742113546Compile Error0 kb0 msC425 B2017-07-08 20:47:45
836835wl151742113486Wrong Answer--**%964 kb0 msC269 B2017-07-08 20:40:41
836750wl151742113486Wrong Answer--**%964 kb0 msC308 B2017-07-08 20:35:18
836744wl151742113563*Accepted-716770964 kb0 msC374 B2017-07-08 20:34:54
836566wl151742113546Compile Error0 kb0 msC406 B2017-07-08 20:23:25
836205wl151742113432*Accepted-362006964 kb0 msC627 B2017-07-08 19:57:30
836141wl151742113351*Accepted-355131964 kb0 msC197 B2017-07-08 19:52:16
809699wl151742111546*Accepted-567477964 kb0 msC++207 B2017-06-11 15:46:11
809656wl151742111546Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC++779 B2017-06-11 15:34:30
809652wl151742111546Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC++388 B2017-06-11 15:33:06
809647wl151742111546Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC++1069 B2017-06-11 15:31:56
803233wl151742113836*Accepted-6721170 kb0 msC++445 B2017-06-04 20:46:51
803146wl151742111547*Accepted-664868964 kb0 msC++187 B2017-06-04 20:17:57
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