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Problem ID:User: Language: Result:
RunIDUserProblemResultMemoryTimeLanguageCode LengthSubmit Time
443873ykb0023471Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC320 B2015-07-29 09:48:52
443872ykb0023471Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC320 B2015-07-29 09:43:39
443871ykb0023471Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC314 B2015-07-29 09:42:43
443860ykb0023462*Accepted-366715964 kb0 msC580 B2015-07-29 08:52:08
443844ykb0023432Runtime Error964 kb0 msC633 B2015-07-28 22:42:42
443843ykb0023432Runtime Error964 kb0 msC626 B2015-07-28 22:39:35
443841ykb0023432Presentation Error964 kb0 msC555 B2015-07-28 22:37:56
443840ykb0023432Presentation Error964 kb0 msC555 B2015-07-28 22:36:29
443837ykb0023432Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC543 B2015-07-28 22:22:00
443836ykb0023432Presentation Error964 kb0 msC505 B2015-07-28 22:11:14
443829ykb0023431Accepted964 kb0 msC466 B2015-07-28 21:47:13
443828ykb0023431Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC466 B2015-07-28 21:45:12
443823ykb0023432Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC461 B2015-07-28 21:31:52
443821ykb0023431Wrong Answer964 kb0 msC413 B2015-07-28 21:13:05
443820ykb0023431Compile Error0 kb0 msC408 B2015-07-28 21:12:33
443715ykb0023522*Accepted-23973964 kb0 msC605 B2015-07-27 20:02:58
443711ykb0023523Compile Error0 kb0 msC457 B2015-07-27 19:34:34
443710ykb0023521*Accepted-431185964 kb0 msC191 B2015-07-27 18:52:09
443649ykb0023511*Accepted-429902976 kb0 msC557 B2015-07-27 09:20:13
443648ykb0023511Wrong Answer976 kb0 msC555 B2015-07-27 09:19:53
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